Where to learn more

Want to learn Auslan?

This page has been created to give some starting points for people in the University of Sydney Community wanting to learn more Auslan, about the Deaf community or how to improve access and is specific to NSW. 

If there is an organisation we have missed which you think should be on here, send us an email so we can add it. 

Learn with SignSoc 

People attending a workshop

SignSoc Workshops

We run once off workshops at different points during the semester. Make sure to sign up as a member and follow our Facebook page to receive notifications.

People taking an Auslan class

SL1 and SL2 classes

Some semesters we run a 7 or 8 week introductory course at a discounted price. If we are not currently running one you can go directly to Deaf Connect.

Certified Courses

Once you have learnt the basics you will want to learn more. Certified courses are a great way to do this. In NSW the main providers are Deaf Connect and TAFE.

Deaf Connect logo

Deaf Connect 

Deaf Connect runs Cert II to Diploma courses as part time courses.  Classes run on evenings or weekends over 6 months. 



TAFE also runs part time Certificate II and III courses in a variety of locations. These courses tend to run for 1 year each. 

Get Involved in the Community

You can't learn a language without practice. The Deaf community is welcoming to people learning Auslan. Come along with the right attitude and you may find that learning through immersion is one of the best ways to pick up signs and practice. Once you can fingerspell and ask for repeats you can communicate voice off.

A seating area outside the Manning building at USyd

We meet through the semester. Great place to meet other staff and students learning Auslan

A group photo taken at the Newtown Auslan Social

A local group open to beginners run over Facebook. They meet at Sydney Park, The Bank Hotel and on Zoom

Three people sitting at a picnic table at Manly West Esplanade

A smaller group good for beginners that meets monthly at Manly West Esplanade 

A group photo taken at the Inner West Auslan Social

A large social event that meets in Burwood monthly, better for experienced signers

A person holding a surfboard while in the water, with someone assisting them

Organisations like The Deafblind Association have volunteer opportunities which can be fun, rewarding and educational 

A fun fair

There are many other socials and events that run online and in person 


Many organisations offer Auslan tutoring. If you have NDIS funding it can often be used to cover the cost. Most places allow you to get a group of friends or family together. 

Signpedia logo

 Individualised tutoring

Sign Language Australia logo

Nation-wide service

Information about Aboriginal Sign Languages 

There are many Aboriginal sign languages across Australia. They are different to Auslan (which descends from British Sign Language). There are important projects happening to record, continue and revitalise these languages. 

People using Yolŋu Sign Language

A sign language used in North East Arnhem Land 

Iltyem-iltyem logo

Sign languages used in Central and Northern Australia 

An abstract yellow and orange painting

A program bringing together Deaf Aboriginal women from different regions

Learning Resources 

These are not equivalent to going to classes and events but can help supplement your learning, are helpful reference tools and practice material

The front and back covers of Future Girl by Asphyxia

Asphyxia has an online course with some great videos and information about the Deaf community. Her book Future Girl is also a great read. The videos show some Melbourne variations which are not used in NSW but will be understood. 

Screenshot of the Find Sign website

A search engine which gives results from a range of sites including Signbank. Good for checking if you have remembered a sign correctly.

Auslan Anywhere logo

Auslan Anywhere allows you to request how to sign phrases in Auslan and see the answers to other requests. 

A library bookshelf with lots of books

 Australian Sign Language: an Introduction to Sign Language Linguistics by Adam Schembri and Trevor Johnston and Auslan Dictionary by Trevor Johnston are available through the USyd library.

Diagrams of various Auslan letters in no particular order, arranged in a grid

Students and community members share videos of themselves fingerspelling on this Facebook group. Great for practicing readback and why not submit a video of yourself

Auslan Storybooks logo

A collection of kids stories in Auslan.

Deaf History collections is an online archive of Deaf history. 

Begginers Auslan course for Swimming teachers including how to make your classes more accesable.

A collection of iconic signs for designed to help Deaf people learn English words and for students to learn iconic visual gesrural skills

A teacher and some students excitedly jumping in front of a blackboard. Below them is the text "Classroom Interpreting!"

This is an American based series but has lots of useful information from how to work with an interpreter to ways to support Deaf students. 

Auslan signs for words you might use at a cafe, such as coffee and tea

Posters you can print and put around your house, workplace or use as a resource. 

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Email us if you know of anything else that should be on this page and would like us to add it, or if a link is broken.